Hello. I think Rust would be much more better if there will be some coordinates. That means that there are x , y and z coordinates. It helps you to find back to your base or to your friends. Wouldn´t that be nice?

There used to be coordinates but they removed them. You just gotta look at your surroundings to remember where your base is. If you explore the map it’s not that hard to learn.

I haven’t played Rust, but Minecraft has those coordinates. And sometimes it’s awful. At Survival server, I built a house. It wasn’t too obvious, it was hidden underwater. Then someone saw me coming back to it and by wonder I haven’t died. But now he knows coordinates of my house, so he could plunder me anytime when I’m not on server. Or kill me when I will be on it. Coordinates are bad.

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Maybe that should add craftable GPS to better find the House.And Car Excist,so why dont add Tanks with Laser Guns and Grenades Powerfull enough to blast the Whole Map away.
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Everyone here had some probs to find back to their House at the beginning.But its real easy to learn the Map and find your House if you see something special.

You know they added a thing called the sun in the game? You can use that as a compass you know…