cop and mayor door only

i want to know how you change a door to cop and mayor only in darkrp ive tries this
but it doesnt seem to work for me can any1 else suggest something
on this link above do you have to delete the " " on all the command i wasnt sure wether you do or not

Look at the door and type /togglecpownable
note you must be admin and have keys out

ill set it back to default and give it a go thanks


Nope still not working any other suggestions


/toggleown works but /togglecpownable and /toggleownable dont so any ideas

well i as admin see it as cops and mayor only?

For my server, you need your keys out, and press R and click, “cops and mayor only”. Or look at the door and open that menu with F2

when every i do that it just buys the door straight away, but i am admin so that is weird any1 suggest anything

when you buy it, you should be able to do that after anyway

no it doesnt let me, can you tell me the files you added your admins to so i can check ive done mine right


ive done it now, thanks for all the help, i hadnt set the superadmin correct so all done and dusted