Cop Shooting a Tmp

Its my first pose so it not that good.

One of the best poses I’ve ever seen on Facepunch, fuck Chesty, this shit is the bomb.

Posing seems overly Fine Tuned, I assume it’s Practice cause the map doesn’t really make sense.
Keep at it!

For a first pose it isn’t terrible, though next time you should use a more interesting/fitting map. When posing try putting yourself into the position or look at examples at how the body looks. Sexposes included.

Inspired by mine?

He seems out of place, its not terrible, but try use the prop posing trick too posisiton there hands correctly, and get a diff map.

Fucking yeah, Resistance, every fucking pic on this forum that is shitty posed and overly generic is fucking inspired by yours. How you didn’t noticed it already?


How sad.

You could Take a bit of examples from youtube vidoes of people firing tmps, how did the look as they fired it? They didn’t look like that.

It’s not horrible, but it’s not good.

That TMP does NOT have a stock on it, so why is it being shouldered? His back is too straight to be firing a weapon, and it seems too boring. It’s a good start, but needs work.

Why do you always have to give so much realistic boring bullshit comments. get the fuck out man it’s his first time.

and btw change your fucking avatar it hurts my eyes just looking at it.

Where’s his side arm?
Why is it a surpressed weapon?
Why is he in the middle of the desert and stick out like a sore thumb?

Well, at least for a first pose you were able to find some new skins for people.
Keep at it.

Here’s some weapons for ya’. Just pop into your addons folder.

Wow, really? Mature much? I gave him a simple tip about weapons. What you just said means anyone can simply take, for example, a m4a1 and pose it upside, without a magazine, and say it’s firing. So why don’t you shut up, hmm?

Edit: Also, my avatar stays on my profile. I couldn’t care less if you hate it. There are hundreds are terrible avatars on here, but you don’t see me being an asshole.

Jesus Christ, it’s grade school all over again.

Probably at the back of his belt.

He wanted not to be seen, I guess.

Maybe peeking over a hill to see whats happening behind it.

But wasn’t there a rule about not flaming…?