Cop stops an infected after dark

Tried my hand at all in-game editing. Came out nicely I think.


OOO!!! Nice! :smiley:
You should’ve put a lamp close to his back so that you would get some nice rim-lightning going on :3

The cop looks a little stiff.
Zombies is cool though.


You sure love red eyes haha.

“…uh, sir? You appear to be a zombie.”

“No im not, YOU are a zombie.”

And then the Officer was a headcrab.

But what was the mysterious stranger?

He was a milkshake.

And then the headcrab drunk the milkshake.

Then the guy from There Will Be Blood killed the headcrab with bear hands because he was jealous and wanted to drink the mlikshake himsleft.

But then flashlight blinded that guy and he fell and drowned in the milkshake.

Juts then, Gordon Freechmen made discovery of GlaDOS and Borelalis, and starting creating cat-person supersoldier people to defeat the Combines by hitting The Button thousands of times.

But then The Bad Guy fell from the sky and derailed a thread.

Thankfully, Magic Angel Guy descended from Ticker and stabed Bad Guy in the head with rainbrow.

Sadly he got hit in the head with a Crow Bar by Nuck Chorris.

Regina Falange suddenly blinked out of blue air, and landed beside Ashda Delenlai.

But then Siddhartha Gautama suddenly appeared from nowhere and blew up the whole universe in a super-attack made with Dalai Lama.

holy fuck shut up on the other hand the posing is good, but could use some minor editing and more going on in the background or just scenery for that matter