Cops And Robbers Gamemode Idea Needs Help To Get Started[/T]

Hello. My name is MonsterGamingHD, also known as Matthew to some people. Anyway, me and and my friend Connor, had this great idea for a Cops and Robbers Roleplay server. Its going to be on maps like bigcity, evocity_v33x, etc. It has custom round creators, and there are 3 robbers, and as many other cops the server can hold. The cops can pick the cop cars that they want, and the robbers get to pick the car they want, depending on what level they are. The higher level you are, the better police cars you get, better performance upgrades, and specifically better cars that you can get as a robber. But how can one get experience?

Cops teaming up to make roadblacks that slow down a robber
Cops that work as a team
Cops that release frequent dispatches, but not silly ones that make no sense to the gamemode.

Staying still in a spot without being visible by any number of cops.
Experienced driving with a group of cops chasing you at a time can increase xp greatly.
Duration time counts towards your XP! Here is how I thought we can score it around a little bit. 100 XP a minute. Every 5 Minutes you get an extra 350 XP. Every 20 minutes you get 1000XP, 1Hour = 5000XP

The round ends kind of like Need For Speed. If you get stuck in one spot for a number of time, it shows your busted time. When the bust time is full, then that robber that gets busted, becomes a cop, until there are no more robbers left. The last robber standing gets a 2500XP bonus for their hard work. Hopefully this clarifies how the rounds end and start.

The server will use TDMCars, and SGMCars. What we had in mind, was that someone can create an e2 for us, that people could put on the SGM Ford Crown Victoria, so there are working lights, and sirens. Sirens from SCars Slim

So how will spawns work?. On evocity, the three robbers start by nexus. Then, different teams, depending on what cars you have, spawn in different areas. For instance, swat = hummers. Swat can maybe start by industrial or something, and then other roleplayed cops spawn in different areas, while the robbers try to drive for their lives! This makes it more roleplayed, because then ground units can use their chat to reconnaissance with each other through roleplayed cop radios. Me and Connor decided that there should be a radio upgrade for robber cars, so that you can hear what the cops are saying, and broadcasting, but yet again the robbers cant chat to the cops. Robbers automatically get a radio to talk to fellow robbers when they start off with their car. But, purchased cars will have an upgrade option for the police scanner, because the rp pov is that you got a car from someone to start out with. You as a robber wouldnt need to buy the robber radio, but instead you would need to buy the police scanner. It makes it more fair for rp, and the price for the police scanner will not be ludicrous.

Also, I was thinking of a leveling system, and a money system to it. If you dont understand what I am trying to get to, then here is a better look at how I want it set up: Black Ops 1 Multiplayer Currency Setup. So this means that you can buy cars ! You can buy upgrades for cop cars, robber cars, buy robber cars, and even buy new cop cars! Here are some police cars that I had in mind.

[T][/T] [T][/T] [T][/T]

Also, another cool idea I had were spike strips. When you run over them, your car slows down, and the top speed becomes 25 mph. Its a great idea in my opinion, and you can only use them 1 time in a match.


Here are some of the robber’s cars I had in mind:

[T][/T] [T][/T] [T][/T] [T]

First of all, Connor had no experience in coding whatsoever, but I on the otherhand, have had little experience with coding. I have made a few games, but this is a totally different ballgame here. So if you guys think that you can help us out on getting a server, or even comments or suggestions in general, please put them in the comments below. I will have this page bookmarked to see some of the responses. Hopefully you guys can help support us! Thank you guys, and have a great day! :slight_smile:

          ~MonsterGamingHD, and Connor

You should have a good grounding in programming before you start lua, ideally, there’s some documentation stuff on the garrysmod wiki to help you out somewhat with putting together addons. Don’t rush to buy a server, have a gamemode working in srcds first.

Really this is too ambitious for your level so learn more before trying to take it on as its own gamemode, it’s more viable as say a darkrp mod in terms of ease of code.

Thats why I am looking for people who can help code this for me, and I will give them the credit in the addon, but also I want to put me and Connor’s credit in there, for the idea of this gamemode. But I want to take a moment to say thanks for looking out on us for the lua coding! We shouldn’t just dive right into the expertise environments of coding just yet, as we need to create a base of how we will start off the gamemode. Thanks for the feedback!

no you dont need good grounding in programming to start lua, glua was literally the first thing I learned language wise and it opened doors to other stuff.

Well are you available on skype right now? I need a good programmer.

Best of luck to you friend! This sounds like it would be a good gamemode. Sorry I can’t help you, but I hope it becomes an awesome gamemode!

Soooo. Your the idea guy, and you want other people to code it for you

Thanks man! I appreciate the appreciation :3

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Coders, and anyone that helps support the mod in any way, shape, or form gets their credits in the gamemode. I would give them credit. thats just silly.

So you want somebody else to do all the work for you in return for ‘credit’? Do you even understand how much time and effort you are asking for; considering a coder could usually be paid 300$+ for this.

The only chance you will ever get this made for you is by hiring somebody -

lmao i got a life and I’m already in over my head with another project

What exactly are you contributing to the gamemode, OP? I’m sorry I didn’t read the whole post, there were a fuckton of huge images.

he’s the ideas guy

If you made your web browser fullscreen, you could probably see it if you had a 1920x1080 monitor. :confused: Sorry, I tried to make the images HD, so people can get a better look at the pictures. Sorry if they are humongous for you.

Will this gamemode be public or private? i can help you making the gamemode logo or anything, I am a designer. add me on skype: thesantaallstar

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Don’t sign posts - your name is displayed on the right. It’s also not a very good idea to distribute your Skype name as there are numerous identification exploits right now.

I doubt this will be public and although he may claim it will be public - he will most likely try to monetize later on and make it private.

Hopefully public. And sure! My name is Matthew Cohen. I am adding you now.

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That is not true. Hopefully this will be public if someone minds hosting a 24/7 server that can have a few good gigs of RAM dedicated to the server.

Yea, that’s why thumbnails exist.

I am new to forums. Please tell me how to create thumbnails?

Instead of [img]

Monster I’m afraid to tell you that you are kind of stupid, 1. Garry’s mod servers don’t really need ram at all mostly only 500mb maybe some times 1GB, But what Garry’s mod servers mostly need is CPU