Cops and Robbers

I have come up with a gamemode idea and i would like to have help and learn how to make this mode.

The idea is that the the cops and the robbers have a team and the goal is to either stop the robbers from stealing all the goods placed around the map or to steal them all if you are a robber. The cops spawn in a base and so do the robbers with all the equipment they need (guns nades vests knives). if the robbers steal something a beacon follows the until they safely deposit the goods to their base. robbers or cops cant be killed unless the robber has stolen something and the cop has turned his siren on by typing /siren ( which creates a blue beacon around him). they are invunerable till then. if they are killed then they spectate for the rest of the round. time limit is 3:00 mins with 5 rounds in a match. if a robber steals something and a cop chases him with his siren on he can be shot by other robbers who havent stolen anything but by shooting him thier beacons turn on and are vunerable till they reach their base. same if multiple cops shoot at a robber their sirens turn on and they can be shot and killed. so basically by shooting a beaconed player you become beaconed your self till you return to base.

Im asking for help to develop not for someone to develop for me. I have seen the help site for lua gamemodes and i just learn better by someone walking me through it and developing with me. so please some one partner with me on this i really want to start making modes.

Basically a Jailbreak edit, and some servers are already similar to this.

Ideas guy with excuse.