Cops/Army Caught in a FireFight Outside a Club

One Of my first Trys at good posing, please Don’t be to harsh on it.

Alternative Other angle Version

C&C Please

You should use Super DoF instead of Simple DoF.

not bad for a first, it is a bit too blurry but like what joazzz said, try using sdof

I feel the focus should be on the guys lying dead on the ground. That’s where most of your posing went i assume and it’s also more in the center of the picture.

I wish I could link you some of the good posing tutorials that are out there, but idk where they are.

Unless someone links it, I’d suggest searching up vids and pics of people doing different stuff. such as running, standing, walking, climbing, shooting, pushing things. etc. It helps, like alot.

Thanks :smile:

fuck my editing tutorial. learn composition and semi-decent posing before you even look at an editing program