Cops dealing with hostage situation

Oh gawd effectrape.

I hope anyone out there likes it.

Looks excellent.

My only complaint is they have their fingers on the trigger, especially on the guy holding a spas with one hand.

This is

Just that red light beam or w/e looks a bit off.

Only complaint is that they are like 3 feet from him and he has no guns pointed at the woman…

Why don’t they just shoot him?

Uhm… INVISIBLE FORCE FIELD… yeah, that’s it.

Valdor’s point aside, I do really like this pose, the setting, editing, ragdolls.

I do not like the hostage takers choice of firearm though. That’s just me. (would of been nice if the spas guy had a sidearm in his holster too).

Looks great, although the guy with the Spas looks like he has back problems.

You never told me you made a cop car skin to go with those guys ;-;

The models = Awesome
The Scene = Cool
The Editing = Pretty good
But the Posing = …What the fuck!? On the Hostage/Suspect its good, on the Cop in the background to the left is good to… But the two in the foreground! Terrible

looks even worse than what goldenbullet pumps out

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They could just shoot him since he doesn’t have his gun aimed at her.

Very sloopy posing Gaina

Posing is quite stiff on the guy with the mp5 and the spas 12. The hostages Feet are clipping into the ground.

I do like the faceposing though!

Dude, if you just wanted to effect rape a picture, you could have just taken my one because it was basicly the same theme and illustration. The only difference are the Ragdoll-Models.

Compared with my old one, this one was really bad…

I should keep focusing on machinima

Good posing with the hostage(why didn’t they shoot him?) and can I have those SWAT officers?

Posing and editing is fairly poor, especially for your standards.

Definitely not your best work.

Dual wielding 14mm pistols?
Unheard of!
Nice pose though, and no editing rape!
(Also I hexed those weapons :3:)

What’s the deal with the red light?

Editing is kinda poor though, espically with the red light from the car…

at least not filter raped