Cops' N Crocks

I’d like to present you my newest film “Cops’ N Crocks”. We worked a whole month on it and here it is.
Have fun

and enjoy!

Slow motion car is slow. Great job anyways.
Btw hitting helicopter with car reminds me of die hard 4 too much.

Great editing and a pretty good car chase as well. It’s a great action movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously, though a little more real world dialogue instead of the constant radio chatter or some sort of coherent story would of been a nice addition.

It had a similar feel to Explosive INC. by WorldofCrowbar, that same sort of quick transition from comedy to deadly serious and back again.

I really enjoyed this video, but I think that the music coudl’ve been louder and faster… sometimes the music was just too quiet especially in the great chase scene (the music from the alpha (yes I know) was great though :P).

Otherwise I liked the action and the editing. Great job Gaun keep up the good work!

Greatest Car Chase video ever created in Gmod.
In times like these…
I miss Epic - rating

Wow I love the music I look forward to the next project with you.
I miss Epictasticlous - rating, to rate this as it is- epictasticlous.

That was soo amazing.

Ah, the HL/Op4 and Vice City Nostalgia.

In general it was okay. But it had too much killing in my opnion.


I thought it was very well-made. It deserved the rating it has currently. However, some of the editing, although stylish, was annoying at points, defocus was used too much to begin a scene. Maybe have a defocus every time the camera zooms in, for realism, but other than that there’s really no reason to be making defocus effects at the beginning of the shots. Additionally, some extra vehicle/violence sounds would have been nice, like car crashes or scrapes, aside from the music there wasn’t that much sound.

I agree. I think you should work on your speshul effuctz

totally brilliant there were some dodgy bits though like the elevator part. and when he jumps of the building thats about to explode.

Thank you :slight_smile:
Next time I’m trying to make it better with your hints.

I promise.

But all in all, its an epic movie of utter badassery and balls-to-the-wall action where logic and sense is thrown aside from the way of epicness this movie presents.

I’m going to nail down your name so I remember to check any thread made by you. You got talent bro.

was a very good time waster, have an artsy :smiley:

Iz alzo neez more eploshionz.

But seriously, movie was brilliant, reminded me of crowbar inc.
Figure that out.

That was excellent :v:

Okay, that was alot better than alot of stuff i’ve seen posted on this forum, but i feel something should be said… a rule of thumb when it comes to editing…

Think of it like your writing music, there should never be a shot shorter than a beat, unless your seriously trying to stress out the viewer, it’s simple frantic and annoying. The only other gripe i had about the video was the massive use of Slow Mo and the eye aching over abundant blur effects!

The music was fun, sound was very well done, and the special effects were all kickin, but please work on your editing. >.< Oh Yea, and not Every Single Camera has to be moving… A still shot is fine most of the time, but anytime you use one cam that flies through and encompasses an entire scene is when you break the suspension of disbelief. Keep the Cameras realistic, otherwise it’s obviously 3D, and much less interesting to the viewer.

My only problem with static cams is that they are used either too much or not enough. For anyone who is using Vegas download NewBlue Camera FX and you can get an “Active Camera” plugin, which automatically gives camera shots a realistic hand-held camera feel. If any of you have seen The Strangers, you will know what I mean. You can adjust the shakiness accordingly.

Hey thanks, i’m going to check that out now :slight_smile: