Copy - copy a pattern of buttons, or lose

**Hi, so I made this thing in my spare time for fun and because I was bored.
It’s clientside.

Basically, you have to copy the buttons that the system presses, it presses four buttons and then you have to copy the exact format and pattern.

If you press the wrong one (even once) you have to restart and the system gives you four more patterns.

If you get all four patterns, it will just restart and you must do it again (you won)

I plan to make this even better :slight_smile:

(sorry for lack of images)

+copy to open the menu, bind it to a key and hold it.


Extract to garrysmod/lua and lua_openscript_cl it

whats the point of it?

to have fun

clientside simon says?


Be sure to give me ideas! This is quite a fun project for me to work on - as small as it might be, it really is interesting :slight_smile:

I applaud you for making a clientside script. It proves that not all clientside scripts are hacks.

Ya it’s nice that he made it but I doubt if I went to a server and used it I would get banned for using a client side script by the owner or something even if it was just a game they would always suspect hacks…

Why would a server ban you for using clientside scripts when they could just do sv_allowcslua 0 (or use DarkRP’s config option)?

Though I’m not surprised by the fact that some servers do this.

Aw, this looks really neat! It’d make a nice little extra for dead players, good work.

Because half the of the DarkRP servers have Sv_allowcslua 1 , So if any word of you using a “Script” doesn’t matter if it’s a game they will still ban you 99% of the times because they think you hack too…