Copy File Directory Messed Up

I’m trying to copy the bsp file to both my gmod maps folder and server maps folder with Run Map Expert.

So I made a new Copy File command and used this for the parameters field:

$path\$file.bsp "D:\GMod Dev Server\garrysmod\maps\$file.bsp"

But then the $file.bsp variable gets enclosed by quotes and Hammer tries to copy to this path now:

"D:\GMod Dev Server\garrysmod\maps\"test01.bsp""

I don’t know how to get around this… Thanks in advance!

try like $path$file.bsp D:\GMod Dev Server\garrysmod\maps\ $file.bsp

No dice. :disappoint:

All variables get placed in quotes, and when you put two variables together they’ll concatenate. So using this trick I had to make sure my directory had no spaces like so:


And voilà it becomes:

"D:\gmod_devserver\garrysmod\maps	est01.bsp"

Not happy with how I had to do this but I guess it’s better than copying and pasting manually every time I compile (I compile a lot).