Copy paper.

All I need is this box of copy paper from the counter strike model of copy paper boxes, it’s also in L4d. All I need is to get rid of all those other boxes, and fill in the bottom of the box so I can use it as a prop for Zoey in a left 4 dead video. That’s all. Couldn’t be a simpler request. I know nothing about modelling or I’d do it myself. I’ll even credit you in the video if you want.

So, yeah… that’s all I need. I don’t need anything custom. Just remove that one box, if you can, and fill in the empty space with a generic texture or whatever you think it needs. I looked through all the files and there is no single box…

Come on, guys… I can’t proceed with my video without this.

i apparently don’t have CS:S anymore, and my internet would take a week to download it, so if you can send me the original model I can take a look at it and see what I could do

And…why would others care about doing something just for your video?

Genuine question.

I’ll have a look and see if I can find them.

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Maybe because they’re kind and want to help someone out who’s asked for something simple and hasn’t begged for custom modelling of something complicated? It’s an existing box model I just need changed. If you know what you’re doing it should take five minutes. I didn’t ask for the starship enterprise.

I know a kindness is a hard thing for many people to do.

I also happen to be a director and I’d be more then happy to promote them or their website in the credits of the video since it’s all I can offer in way of reward because Machinima pays directors shit.

So let’s not start a flame war over me asking for a box… please.

Find the name of the model, and I’ll see what I can do to at least get the files and fix up the fox for you. For some damn reason, I still can’t get any of my compiles to actually work in-game. I’ll leave that to you or someone else to take care of (assuming anyone else wishes to).

I found everything model and textures. But I know nothing about the process of getting this stuff to work in game so someone who knows how would also have to do it after finishing it.

The model is paperbox_pile_01.mdl

The texture for it is paperbox_01

I can e-mail the files to anyone who wants them.

No need to email them, I’ll just place the files here. This isn’t compiled, so it’s pretty much a half-way point (took care of the bottom opening for the most part). Hopefully you find someone who’s willing to compile the model.

Okey dokey.

So… anyone wanna compile it? Cause I haven’t the slightest idea how to do it or have any of the software.

il compile it

Then you will be my #1 hero.

Katra804 #2

More points for making it work.

Compiled it,

just put it in your addons folder and subscribe to this


How do you BOTH want to be credited in the video? Website addresses are allowed, but I can only show them on screen for 3 seconds in a video. Their rules, not mine.

I honestly don’t care if I’m credited or not.

I credit people who help me.