Copy poses tool?

(i apologize for my grammar and spelling errors)
i was looking around the internet, and i can’t find a copy poses tool! so i decidet to request it here.

a copy poses tool is a tool that will copy poses i made for a ragdoll and then i can make other poses for it and then paste the pose i copied from the ragdoll in-case i want him to move while something moves in the background,

you can save multiple poses you made and it makes stop-motion much easier (for people who doesn’t have fraps and/or has problems with filming with movement)

if someone is gonna make it, please do!!! thanks.

Just use adv. duplicator. Copy the ragdoll and his pose, save so you can then load it later.

What if you want multiple ragdolls? This would be cool, the copy might be Reload or something.

Just copy and save the different ragdolls! xD

The problem is, some ragdolls use different “bones” than other ragdolls, and a pose from one ragdoll would warp the other ragdoll (I tried to copy a pose from a renamon to gman, and it stretched his fingers to where the tail used to be)

(The default valve ragdolls should be fine though, if you want to apply a pose to a different ragdoll, duplicate the first, then use the Model Manipulator to copy the second ragdoll’s model and apply it to the duplicate, this should work)

I once coded such a tool. It can’t save yet but copies the pose of one model to another:

Copy to /sandbox/entities/weapons/gmod_tool/stools

If you want to duplicate multiple ragdolls, just weld them all together.