copyable text in chat

Is there a way, or might it happen later on that the text in the chat field can be copied?

I play on a server that is based in a country different than my own and there are people chatting in a variety of languages. It would be great if I could copypasta into google translate to get a gist of what is being said.
currently you can paste into chat, which is great, was just hoping to copy out of chat.

Agreed. I would love this as well. It would be extremely useful for that exact reason you stated.

or incorporate google translate in the game client via google translate api…
that would be awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

The only thing you wanna translate is russian text, and you have no russian chars on your keyboard. Correct?


Incorporating translation would be cool, but I think that copy ability would have its uses too. Often I’ve wanted to link stuff to people and you just can’t right now. Copy ability would fix that.

You recently disagreed (telled scary things) about clickable URL-s, and now you want almost the same?

Like I said, it’s a double edge sword. It’s a very useful option, but can also have its drawbacks. At least if you can copy (not just click) you don’t find yourself accidentally clicking shit that no one in their right mind would ever want to see.

Knew you’ll write that. What that harder accessibility is useful for while you see paintings full of nazi symbols,dicks, and vaginas ingame, unable to get around before seeing them? Dunno, you can decide it from the name of the link, if thats really some shitty stuff. Why would you spontaneously click on something which someone randomly links? I wouldnt watch someone’s spammed link called peefucker.