Copycat uploaders on workshop

The point is you can’t accept valve’s legal agreement on behalf of someone else and their work.

I think you’re missing the point here. It’s not really the credit I care about, it’s the fact that a) it’s being uploaded on workshop at all and is subject to the TOS, and b) I completely lose control over content I’ve put my name to, and everyone ends up with different versions of my addons that I can’t support.

This is the most stupidest discussion I’ve had in a long time.

Wenli, I am more than willing to not upload a single addon of yours onto workshop. And even help report duplicates…, if you actually hosted the official one there. But dude, if your not on workshop you don’t have any influence on it, so you cant control whats happening there. Which ultimately means exactly that happens what you don’t want. I mean, its common sense that if you want people to use your version of your addon, that you are going to have to provide it. And people want your addons, so they will host and share it on workshop.
Why cant you see that?

I am happy to provide my addons, but not on the workshop. I’ve already explained plenty why I don’t want any of my content on there, and you’ve given a pretty convincing demonstration of why I would want as little to do with it as possible. Which parts of my explanation don’t you understand?

Also, I have no idea why you think that me uploading my stuff on there will suddenly give me full control over what other people do. By your own argument, there is nothing stopping anyone from claiming that they own any addon and uploading the “official” version.

I had thought that if there was enough community goodwill and regulation then the workshop might become worthwhile, but you have completely convinced me that even with good moderation, there are always people who don’t care about content creators and will upload their work anyway and find ways to claim it as their own. At least if I keep all of my content away from the workshop, I can keep some semblance of control and avoid people being confused over where to find it.

I meant that if you where to be on the workshop, people would rather download the official one than a ripoff.

Anyway, I want your addons to reach people just like you do and I apologize for making such a big thing out of this - but Its not only your work that is not reaching the players but also mine.

So I have an idea. How about I add a link to where people can download what I did and later the link to your download in my workshop pack description instead of uploading the addons? Then you would still have control over what gets distributed and its not on workshop. Maybe Ill use media fire or the sort for now.

That sounds like a good enough compromise, thank you for being reasonable. I’ll announce when my tools are fully updated in the official thread shortly after the GM13 release, so you can update your links.

I understand your point of view, Wenli, but I think you’re misreading the uploaders’ intentions. When someone uploads something with clauses such as “I didn’t make this, here’s who did” or “this may not work” I don’t think it’s a case of flagrancy and theft as much as it is an upload made for archival or usability purposes, usually when it seems the mod is abandoned or as a temporary measure until the real author can get their work up.

I don’t know if my “Wenli’s Build Tools - Raw Upload” file back in the GM13Beta Workshop left you feeling sour and was the catalyst for this thread (I did see your comment), but if that’s the case, I apologize. However, speaking from that experience, I don’t believe these uploaders are “thieves” as much as they are well-intentioned people trying to preserve old add-ons who will readily take them down at the original authors’ request, as I did.

He’s already said, he’s in disagreement with the Workshop TOS. What you’ve done is assumed he agreed to it

Fair point. Not to mention that in the past week the amount of copycat uploaders on the release Workshop has gotten pretty bad, so I’ll actually agree with him now that we probably need someone to cut down on this, or at least a really big notice that says “DON’T UPLOAD STUFF YOU DIDN’T MAKE.” I admit I was mistaken in reuploading the Build Tools despite my good intentions, but I think most people should have realized by this point that if the original author wants their stuff on the Workshop, they’ll do it themselves. The amount of clones you have to sift through to find the “official” copy of an addon is getting ridiculous.

People are starting to re-upload mine as well.

I’m also unable to upload mine as well since the workshop tool refuses to upload anything. I’ve tried re-downloading it but it just won’t upload anything.

Press report if you’re the author and report it.

I already did so. I’m glad we have that feature.

I’m also having problems with the Workshop tool not allowing me to upload anything; can you think of a reason for this? I’ve run as admin and redownloaded but it still won’t work.

I agree with amplar i mean i really need ball and socket centre and axis centre but wenli if u can help me on getting them please:wink:

I think one point that hasn’t been made here, is that not only is lua opensource, but addon/mod code is just that. I’m not taking any sides, but unless Wenli specifically copyrights his work and has it on paper that what he coded is what he coded and that it is not to be modified or redistributed, how would that ever stand up up? What happens if someone codes something near identical in lua, who gets to claim ownership? That clause only applies to what you can legally prove legal ownership over.

Again, I’m not taking sides though. I don’t think anyone should upload anything without permission from the author. But I do honestly feel Tingle has done nothing wrong and I’m glad you found a compromise.

While i agree it’s stupid to make a script available everywhere except the workshop, you should still respect his wishes and not upload his scripts if he doesn’t want them uploaded. The workshop is a lot tidier than and if you’re the original author then it only helps if you have your copy on the workshop so you have concrete evidence that you are the original owner. If you report someone for stealing your addon but you don’t have your original version on the workshop then what the fuck do you expect garry/valve to do? I’m sure they don’t have the time to open every lua script and verify that you are the guy that wrote it.

I think a standard needs to be set though, the workshop needs a big bold warning that says Do Not Upload Things You Didn’t Make and anyone found breaking the rule is banned permanently from uploading. The workshop should be a place where people can share THEIR creations, not the creations of others.

It is a mod for a mod, I do not think valve will make anything off of it.

Even so, people are going to fix other peoples stuff if they take too long, and then post that working version on the workshop.

If it gets removed from there they will post it elsewhere.

Its great if you do not want them to be on the workshop, others addons like Wire are not as well.

But! They have updated their addon and made it available through other means.

Until there is an official svn or whatnot there will be copycats and people happily using those copycat versions.

If you’re trying to point out, or put mass emphasis on something, it’s a colon.

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He fixed addons, and people don’t like that? I have to agree with this statement.

Wenli doesn’t want his stuff on Workshop. What’s so hard to understand? So Wenli is taking a long time to update his stools. Big deal. That’s not an excuse to go and take things into your own matters and ignore the creator’s wishes of not wanting it on Workshop.

Wenli has been online a grand total of 5 minutes in the last week and a half; obviously there is
something going on. I have to say that I am disappointed in the attitude held by some of
the people in the build community, you know who you are. Nevertheless, you guys will just have to be patient.

I really think garry should enlist some of us who can spend our spare time going through addons and removing the stolen ones.

I know he wont but it would best to start soon, the workshop is becoming just like .org