Copying from Maps

Hy , I want to know if there is any way to copy stuff like buildings or even certain areas from one map to another , like from a Day of Defeat Source map to a Gmod map I am creating , and if so how?

But it’s simple, you literally copy and paste things from one map to another.

Oh , haha ok.
I’m just new to this whole mapping thing , could you explain me how to?

Select whatever you’d like to copy and hit CTRL and C at the same time.
Then go into the map you’d like to put the thing in and hit CTRL and V at the same time.

I’m learning as well, It’s like copy pasting text from a page to another, though in this case it’s 3D assets. I will note though if you are using another mappers content you should give them credit, it’s the respectful thing to do.

And how can I load other maps?

you have to vmex them, convert the BSP file to a VMF file that can be opened.

Okay , Final question , now when I got my test map and the map I’m copying from open , how I copy a certain area/building from one to another?

just select the brushes, entities, and turn them into a prefab. Then load prefab into your map.

use bspsrc to decompile bsp to vmf