Copying GMOD update to different PC?

I just had an idea, but first, my situation;

I have a Laptop with internet, and a Desktop without. It is impossible in my current situation to get internet on my desktop. I have Steam and all my games on my superior PC.

Can I download steam on the laptop, update and download gmod on it, and then just copy the update files to my other pc with steam and garry’s mod(which is outdated)?

And if it is possible, what files do I need to copy over?

BUMP, I really need an answer soon.

well it seems like it may work, correct me if i am wrong but since all steam games are stored by steam account name. Personally, I would copy paste your whole steam folder from c:/Program Files from your laptop to your PC.

It won’t work without an internet connection. At all.


I copied over the update, and it shows up on my desktop’s steam update news, but then it won’t let me load up the game, saying “This operation cannot be completed while steam is offline” or some variation of that.

I even have the options for the new cloudscript. So thanks guys, for the answers.