Copying the rotation of a brush onto another.

In my map I have very precise rotations for my brushes, and getting another brush to match up to that exact rotation is difficult. Is there a way I can copy the rotation of one brush and apply it to another?

if you know the rotation ctrl+m, rotate.

How do I figure out the rotation of a brush so I can do that?

If they are precise… surely you know what they are? hoping you aren’t using free rotate on world geometry, but I fear you are. You can probably work it out with trig and square counting.

They are precise as in they need to match exactly the same rotation as another brush so they fit together.

That didn’t really help, what he was asking was if you’re using the normal free rotate tool?

I think skparagon has brushes that have been rotated and don’t follow a specific ratio and so he doesn’t know the angle you need to make another brush match it.

Trig will help.

What do you mean by trig? Yeah I used the free rotate tool Didn’t think i’d be having the issue I have now.

Trigonometry, a math formula.

I figured that. I haven’t learned trigonometry yet. So any other ideas?

That is gcse stuff…very basic mathmatics.

Your brushes will be off-grid. This is bad. Use vertex manipulation to put them back on grid, the trig shouldnt be a problem with the swift application of a calculator.

I’ll try this, there are a lot of them though but I have time. Thanks.

I actually finished learning trig as part of Pre-Calculus this past school year, it’s proving to be really helpful for mapping. I really recommend you learn at least the basics. I’m taking both AP Calculus AB and AP Java next year, I’ll probably be dealing with physics calculations and vectors. fun :smile:

Agreed, trig plus mapping equals win.

I am only in my junior year of highschool, I doubt I would be able to learn trigonometry.

Why not, it’s pretty simple.

I learned basic trig as a freshman :colbert:

We learn algebra 1 freshman, geometry sophomore and algebra 2 junior.


But I used my own time and learned trig myself.