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Since I didn’t find any similar topics on the designers ’ copyrights, I decided to create my own.

As a designer, I am very much concerned about this problem, which haunts me almost all my game design life. And this problem is the theft of other people’s design ideas.

Of all the games I’ve played, Garry’s Mod has had the most attempts to steal my inventions and present them as “my own” (not created by me)
This not only made me very angry, but also made me refrain from publishing my creations. And if I don’t publish my creations, then the point of building them is lost. Such a chain is very disastrous for a self-respecting designer. And so, I would like to know - Will a certain system work on such a problem?

Or maybe I’m the only one who cares about it, and no one really needs it?


I don’t see any specific cases of stealing here so I don’t know exactly of what creations you are talking about, maybe you should clarify this. But why are you thinking others should not be able to use ideas that you claimed your own? Are you trying to keep away from stealing someone else’s ideas when creating your own?

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  1. The theft occurred in the game itself, with very rare publications as from " own authorship"

  2. This applies to all creations in which a lot of sweat has been invested.

  3. Why shouldn’t others use my creations? The answer Is Individuality. Still need to appreciate the… what you’ve put so much effort into. The object becomes a kind of “value” that should not be given to another without any difficulty.

It’s like a Painting that you hold very dear. People see value in it and they want it. Many will do it in a cunning way for “free” And the author will thus receive neither money nor universal recognition.

Speaking about the recognition. If this or that creation is distributed everywhere, then the people who see this creation will not evaluate the author, but that one… who stole it. Such a result tells us that the author’s efforts go into the void and the incentive for further creations disappears.

  1. Quote - " Are you trying to stay away from stealing other people’s ideas?"
    I don’t quite understand what you mean. If you mean I wouldn’t want to get involved with thieves and steal by myself… then-yes, it is better to stay away from this
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What are you going to design in a game like Gmod?

This happens everywhere, and whatever it is that you are making (Definitely isn’t addons or maps because it’s already against the workshop rules and you didn’t specify) it’s probably being “stolen” by kids, not people trying to make money out of your creations.

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I still don’t see any specific examples of what you are talking about. I would like to see a link to your work and some evidences that will show in what way it was stolen.

I mean that people usually reuse others ideas as this is what is called culture I suppose. And you are probably using someone’s ideas too, generally there is no way you don’t.

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Because of the weak engine - nothing more special. Now only small models of the cult games of the 90s and 20s. This applies to equipment, buildings, and even recreating the place where certain events took place.

Most likely, it is. They are the ones who steal, and it is possible to earn money.
Didn’t specify? I’m not talking about addons, but about the collected models in SandBox mode

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Oh, you are talking about dupes, right? I believe dupes were designed to make players be able to save and share their work without any copyrighting in mind, that’s just ridiculous. You are exaggerate the value of such creations.


An example is placing your own, ready-made duplicate in an in-game exhibition of duplicates.
It was from such an exhibition that the theft of the author’s creations took place

There will be no proof.

  1. I had this problem from 2016 to 2018. I will not be able to show examples of such a long time ago, because I will not find them.
  2. There is no point in proving this to you in this discussion, because the discussion was created on the topic “will there be a similar system in S & Box”? If we are doing legal proceedings now, then… Even if I win the trial, I will not benefit from it, and the thief will not receive the punishment he deserves.

I hope these examples will be sufficient?

I will disrespect myself if I use other people’s ideas. I am proud of the fact that it is my imagination that comes up, and not someone else’s. It was a rude statement to me that you thought about how I take ideas from others. If I took ideas from others, then my inventions would not be unique.

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I can understand your reaction if you didn’t do the design work yourself and put your heart and soul into it.

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Lots of things i could say here but honestly this is a non-issue.

If you believe your script/dupe on the workshop has been stolen then report it and it will be removed.
If they uploaded the work before you and you have no proof then tough luck.
If your server code was stolen, then don’t hire shit admins/have proper permission systems.

If you have any serious complaints about stolen content, then issue a DMCA/legal document.


Good answer. I wish I had bothered to use your given options to combat this.

In that case, if S&Box doesn’t have its own copyright system, then I’ll have to follow your examples. And only in this way… I’ll have to deal with minor crime.

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Well good luck with reporting dupe reuploads, most 100% of the times it’s just kids that thought the dupe was cool.

A dupe I made was reuploaded some 5 times and all reuploads are still up even after reporting twice, and 2 of them received more attention than the original, despite having no screenshots, thumbnail or description.

Just give up and accept that if you’re uploading a dupe on the workshop, it’s going to get reuploaded, and don’t think that’s the end of it, I’m sure there are a lot of kids who spawn it and pretend they made it, so don’t get too upset by the reuploads.


Don’t know. I’ll probably never get over it. My very nature will not allow me to accept it.
In this case, it will be easier to recreate something “difficult to repeat” and send the finished work in the form of a screenshot and no more.

Of course, I am not very upset that the game will not have such a built-in system, but still, it would be easier with it.

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Don’t want your stuff stolen? Don’t upload it, take a video and upload that instead to youtube.
Any dupe uploaded on the workshop is to be considered public domain in my opinion.


True, you have to document your creation of it before it’s stolen so you have some backup, if it even really matters to you haha.

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Uploading stuff on official websites is a good tactic, I agree.

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That’s right. I do not dispute that this tactic is quite correct.
But… it was also about the autonomous copyright system. However, thanks to all of you, it becomes clear that it is possible to do without this.

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Actually, I think I remember some E2s look up a file online that contains SteamID of all the people allowed to use the dupe.
If the person that spawned the dupe wasn’t on the list then it would delete itself, however if you know how it works then you would be able to extract the code and remove the SteamID check.
A small inconvenience like that usually deterred 99% of the people trying to steal dupes because you could circumvent it only if you knew how the code worked and if you had the programming skills you wouldn’t go around stealing other people’s stuff.
I’m not saying we need to remake Wiremod to fix this “problem”, it wouldn’t make sense to publish something if nobody can even spawn it in, but maybe even just adding a small popup that shows the original dupe creator would work.

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Do people go to such extremes? It’s like installing “mining” in any harmless addon…
So many malicious things people do…

I was thinking of something like that. It would be possible to put a certain trust mark or an author mark. But these are the ones… the simplest things.

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