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If someone uses a public gamemode (e.g DarkRP) makes a whole diffrent gamemode from it with all custom code, the gamemode gets leaked.

If you use the leaked gamemode, does that fall under copyright?

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If it’s all custom code, then it isn’t DarkRP anymore, really. The code belongs to the person(s) who wrote it, and thus is their intellectual property. Now, that won’t hold up completely in a formal U.S. court, but is warrant enough for DMCAs to be sent out.

If its essentially a re-write then yeah DMCA could apply. (Santos RP for example is customised and unique enough)

If someones just customised DarkRP using then it’ll be harder

In this case its FearlessRP CityRP an edited version of Cider

If you made any changes whatsoever, you can DMCA for that specific code, as long as the license of the original gamemode allows for closed source modification.

This. There’s a limit to how complex the work must be for copyright to apply, but generally speaking it’s very low.

Just note that whomever you hit with that DMCA gets your (home or, if you have one, business) address, since that’s necessarily part of the forwarded notice.

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Even if the modification can only be distributed open-source (think GPL), that doesn’t necessarily apply to private gamemodes. Only a very strict license like the AGPL would prevent it from being kept private if in use.

A useful website for understanding briefly what each license is, can be found here

SantosRP doesn’t use DarkRP as a base and was coded from scratch.

In terms of copyright, it’s still a derived work even if it’s indirectly based on other source code.
There are certain exemptions to that, though, and it doesn’t apply if the API is copied from e.g. documentation without examining the program('s source?) itself.

The original Cider gamemode uses GNU Affero General Public License v3 (AGPL-3.0)

In this license you must disclose the source code of dirivates that you serve, so basically I don’t think you can do anything cause you weren’t respecting the original license.a

Which means xD

Fearless CityRP is DMCA’d by all developers and copyrighted by SoulRipper and what I believe also Avgar.

If anyone complains, you have to either release the source (with a one-month grace period for that version of the license, if I’m not mistaken) or take down your server forever.

But how did First Class get permission to use it, including the Life gamemode (A new one)

If I remember correctly, there’s a gray area where you can keep some code private if you’re providing a service over the internet. For example, GCC is GPL, but if I set up a website that let’s you upload .c files, and it gives you back binaries, I don’t have to give you GCC code, even if I modified it, since I’m not ‘distributing GCC’.

As it applies to Gmod, the gray area would be any server-side code, since you’re not distributing any sort of binary, you don’t have to release it.

Although then the question is, how did it get leaked if you didn’t ‘distribute’ it?

Someone hacked into their server sided code using Lua…

They exploited using Luapad, which allowed them to see the serversided code.

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May be a better explanation

I dont think you fully comprehend the limitations of lua.

That you download code when you join a server means that the server is distributing the code, even if it’s only in part.