Copyrighting gamemodes?

Is it possible to copyright a gmod gamemode if you made it?

TECHNICALLY yes(and no), but good luck enforcing it.

You are a joke if you copyright a gamemode. Chances are, you probably copy pasted 75% of it.

I wouldn’t even try. You could, but it would only stir up a cauldron of drama; just looked at what happened with PERP.

I bet tons of people did that and said they CR’d it without actually doing it

Copyright don’t work that way.

Copyright of intellectual property is automatic. So if you create a game-mode from scratch, it is your intellectual property. You can do with those rights as you please.

Talk to a copyright attorney for advice on copyright law.

I can already see where this thread is headed…

(loving those bandwagon dumb ratings.)

I was speaking about perp. It’s become a clusterfuck and it’s just made the game mode look like shit. I am in a small gaming community that decided to open up a perp not too long ago. We started slow but built up to average around 30 players. I guess that’s just too many for some people so they dmca’d us and claimed they own perp. It’s gotten to the point where even their playerbase has shrunk to next to nothing. I find it retarded that something like that can even be done considering that FP (or garry, not entirely sure) owns Garry’s mod legally therefore they should own anything made FOR garry’s mod.

It’s the risk you take running a leaked gamemode that is no longer supported, get over it.

you can code it like GMTower where only MacD can run the gamemode on his servers :C

It’s called “Pulsar Effect Role Play” for a reason… Because pulsareffect owns it.
And a lot of other commuitys use the gamemode…
Eh, I guess that’s how things work now a days.

I think the best bet is to keep your gamemode privet.

DRMs can always be cracked bypassed and circumvented. They are simply a matter of time.

HellZone Clan recently copyrighted the PERP gamemode and they have like 2 lawyers protecting it. Only other server allowed to use it would be Hellsgamers.

if you really want to copy right a gamemode, it has to be not copy and pasted, unique, and worth it, so people respect it. if you met all these critica, chances are that even if you copyright it, people will steal it anyways. honestly, lua code is something you can “un-DRM” with a text editor and a bit of time

conna is screwed

That’s even bigger bullshit than kid admins banning you for prop blocking

I should host a perp server for fun

Who the fuck pays lawyers to protect a fucking Garry’s mod Gamemode? Can you get any more butthurt?

I don’t actually think this is the case is it? I recall that when the gamemodes were leaked, Anyone with half a brain could set up a server…

Well it’s not as if you can exactly hide a PERP server, considering you’re trying to get as many players as possible. And besides, basically every RP server takes donations, right? How would you feel if you worked really hard on a private gamemode, then it ended up leaking, and a bunch of little kids started profiting off your work without even any credit? I’d be pretty pissed, that’s for sure