Here’s the larger size version:

Damned impressive stuff

Now that looks amazing. My only gripe is that you shouldn’t use different models for the soldiers or hazmat dudes. It seems really inconsistent, unless it was intentional

Using soldiers from a bunch of different games (from looking at it, Spec Ops the line, Simkas’ dudes, Crysis, CoD and Splinter Cell) kind of creates a clash.

I like it.

I just wanted to set a emergency situation that all of military departments(Army, Navy, Airforce and Marine) operate altogether.
At least, I adjusted their scale not to look awkward.

Probably to mimic a emergency situation were cooperation between the National Guard, Army, Marines and that containment agency.

I dig the clash as well. Really looks like the world has gone to shit or something like that. Good stuff.

Looks really neat. I like the overall scene. I think some sort of restlessness/panic’d poses would help liven it up as well.

Very immersive atmosphere! What about an original link? gm_black scenebuild?

Superb piece, only thing that bothers me is the headlight on the right humvee going through the metal post.

Wow. That’s all I have to say.

WOW. I like that. can you give me a link for the damned 33rd troops model? I wanna know how to get that model.

As far as I know, the improved ones are still at WiP state, but you can try Googling out for the old ones

Like ward of the world or whatever movie with that guy from mission impossible when they were sending out people on bridge.

really good, but i have to say that the focal lighting of your composition has a very jarring transition
the upper part of your pic (furthest from the camera) looks dark whilst the lower part and closer to the camera is brightly lit, a sort of gradual gradient effect with the lighting would be easier on the eyes i think