Coreography Video (a test with Faceposer coreography)

Hey folks, I just got a new laptop so I can now actually run stuff with 3d, and I sat down, recorded something, and then tried to make a lipsync and some stuff to it. I think it came out pretty well, personally. Ignore the jitters; it’s my FRAPS being funky.

The guy seems happy for being trapped inside of a brick box with no doors or windows.
Or lights (cough)

But it looked good and sounded fine, good job.

Yes, he’s supposed to be crazy! :tinfoil:

Thanks, though. In reality, I think I might make a map where you have to follow him around in a sort of Garden of Eden style existence until he slowly gets crazier and crazier (AND YOU DO, TOO!) and then you have to kill the crap out of him or something or other. I don’t know.