"Cornered" Smoker finds himself cornered by Russian Riot Police/soldier


Descriptive title is descriptive.

Just wanted to try something now that I have the zombie models working again :3:

Fuck yeah Zombies

Posing is good…I just don’t like how the Smoker is standing there though. Rated arty none the less.

Generic x pointing guns at y pose is generic :confused:

Your problem is thinking up of something ineteresting, try huge explosions or something

Yeah because that’s totally 100% more original. Seems like if you slap a bunch of explosions or random muzzleflashes on an otherwise mediocre picture and you’ve got yourself some grade A gold.

Thats Russians for you, bunch of idiots.

Zombie trying to escape into the asphalt .


YES :smiley:

Oh come on don’t tell me a huge exploding plane crash is less eye candy than 2 guys pointing their fingers at eachother