Cornfield PVP/PVE Starter Zone, Removal Tool, Econ, Supply Signal Drops

Initial wipe for current setup 2/27.


This is an oxide mod server with the following features:

  1. Small PVE zone on the road with no resources. There will be provided 1x1 shacks for new players with 2 boxes, a furnace and a campfire. No building (except a sleeping bag) is allowed in PVE zone. This zone is mostly for new players and for people to meet up for econ trades, and teaming up.

  2. Starter kit including a hatchet, wooden door (for ghetto, or wherever), hunting bow, 5 arrows, sleeping bag, and NO ROCK! :smiley:

  3. We use the econ plugin. Right now you can buy mostly anything. Prices are subject to change if balance seems thrown off.

  4. Instead of airdrops we have made supply signals spawn. They spawn in the grey/blue weapon boxes at a very low rate. Do not ask for airdrops, earn them! :smiley:

  5. Removal tool mod so you can remove misplaced building pieces. You just need to hit the piece twice with a pickaxe.

  6. We have two admins right now (may add more in the future with more users) and we do play. We do not spawn anything for ourselves except maybe invisibility suits IF we need to spy on potential cheaters. You don’t have to worry about us spawning 50 c4 and raiding you. :smiley:

  7. We have a teamspeak server for use: . Feel free to create temp rooms for your clans or whatever or use it to contact the admins for help.

  8. We have a website coming soon which will be a forum for user suggestions, support, clan recruiting/communication, any of that stuff.

  9. New players are completely welcome and honestly will probably find some solace in the PVE safe zone.

  10. We will be doing DAILY backups and avoiding wipes at all costs. RUST is alpha so wipes may HAVE to occur at some point, also some plugins may end up coming and going as new updates are pushed but we will try our best to keep everything stable.

  11. I think that about covers it. Hoping to create a great gaming server/community here. Get a bunch of clans and some epic warfare, maybe some nice knights too. All player types (except cheaters) welcome.

Bump. Come play with us :smiley: Admin party online all weekend!!

Still playing…all night all weekend forever NEVER STOP RUSTING!!!

Come play with us. Low pop so good to get started. Hoping to get some factions and clans going after the population grows!!