Corporal Adrian Shephard Playermodel - based on Romka's HECU Marines

Adrian Shephard Playermodel: Classic Edition
This is my first fully edited playermodel. It’s again, Shephard. But this time I have posted on


Gearbox: PS2 SD HECU Marines models.

Romka: Porting PS2 SD HECU Marines models.

Ferdam: Porting Romka’s HECU Marines into a playermodel.

NUG3M: Fixing missing animations, adding higher quality and better fitting textures with normal maps, removing gasmask bag from the leg,
adding icon to ‘Extensions’, renaming and cleaning.



Adrian Shephard Playermodel: Romka Edition

The original version of this playermodel is no longer avaible in I found the origial version around the internet and it had some ragdoll bugs and was not compatible with addons. See the readme for more information.


Romka: Perfect High Quality HECU Marine models. Many thanks!

Unkown User: Porting Romka’s Gas Mask Marine into a playermodel.

NUG3M: Fixing Death Ragdoll, Fixed In-Game nameS, Added support to ‘Addons System’ including name, information and icon to ‘Extensions’.




Senior Que?

Just makes me want him to return in the series. Shame it’ll probably never happen.

Well, I think if Valve don’t want to make more Half-Life games they could let Gearbox make some expansions just like the in the older games, then we get an Opposing Force 2. And that would be kick ass!

Yes. Yes it would :smiley:

“Corporal Shepard, We meet at last…”
Nice. We definately need him back. Someone should tell Gabe he should appear on the borealis and save Gordon and Alyx or something. “I wish I could do more…” (I think the Gman kinda forgot about him)

Oh boy, it’s not like this has been done a million time before… Even by me when I still made playermodels…

But it’s hard and tricky to find them around in nowdays. Many of newer players, like me, now have a chance to have it. Also, there’s some other Shephard’s playermodels aroud but they always seens to have some sort of bug or un-original skin look. This one is perfect looking, has no bugs and, best of all is quicky and easy to install and use.

You realize you made it even harder to find since you put it on Mediafire, right?

Never had that problem with the ones I’ve found in the past. :colbert:

To be fair with the direction Valve have taken, why not? Odell was meant to be on board, but became Odessa, so is there a gap to fill?

No one else seem to have a problem, when i upload files to mediafire on my release.

Mediafire is one of the most friendly and easy too use file storage sites. Also, if someone is searching for it, they will not find only the medifire page but this topic also.
I don’t know you, but I like things to be good (fully working and good lookig), easy to use and quicky to get. And that’s what this release is all about.
All other Shephards I got around (including this one) had a lot of problems and were a pain to install and see how it was (I had to make it work in the new garrys mod addon system).
Other example, the original PS2 Shephard ( I like a lot too, have 3 problems:
a) the files are all messed too: Need to convert to the new addon system;
b) the normal map is a little messed up : Need to work on a better looking one;
c) and the most important one, there is a problem with animations it gets T-posed often: Recompile the files? I don’t know too much about modeling right now.

And That’s what I’m talking about. What a lot of work you need to just use correctly a thing you just downloaded and want to enjoy. I know this model is old and this may be the fact it’s a little bit off in the actual Garry’s Mod.
So that’s the point of this Shephard right here.

Ferdam did those, I’ve made a re-tex for them, you can probably still find pictures of it.

You mean this one? None of the links are still alive. That’s one of the reasons I’ve bring this one online.

No, the ones that were ported from Goldsource. The ones Romka improved I think.

Ah yes. I like that ones, but unfortunately they have some animation issues as I have explained earlier.

Romka’s version 4 Hgrunts from Ambient Impact.

This is what I was on about:

I like these models, the ones from PS2 version of Half-Life. The textures are okay but I dont like to see camouflage on their PCV or pounches. This never happens in the original version. Also, the Gasmask is too dark.

I don’t have it anymore.

I made it ages ago to improve the appearance of the models. Then they got replaced by Romka’s HECU which are by far better.