Corporal Shephard from Opposing Force

I would love if there was a real corporal Shephard model from opposing force, not ported ( for a machinima, will give credits )

i seen alot of gordon freeman models

so why not Corporal shephard?

Wan’t a Shepard? You got a Shepard:
Has some more troops as well.

the head is not good


and is overused model and that isnt really shephard


and the model it self don’t even look like him

Then take these

Or you can actually use the real Adrian Sheppard model.

theres none in the screenshot and those are hgrunts

Because I didn’t take a screenshot of him.

The models that are in the screenshot are really outdated.



can i please have a screenshot?

Sorry but it fucking sucks for a machinina IT ISN’T EVEN POSEABLE!

Why didn’t you say it was for a machinima?

Fixed it

Someone ported the regular Shephard a LOOOOONG time ago, Im not sure what happened to it, but im sure its still floating around here somewhere.