Corporate Rivalries


What’s wrong with the glass? The Screenshot Quality. BADLY isolated. The guy is dancing and the other one is laughing! WHAT THE FUCK?

PS: No Fingerposing.

The glass is broken. What isolation? He’s standing in a funny way and you’re saying he’s dancing? Looks more like he is smiling than laughing. Whats with the WHAT THE FUCK? Your pictures arent much better so I don’t get why you need to type our swear words, what are you xzibit, YO DAWG I HEARD YOU’RE NEW HERE, HERE SOME SWEAR WORDS.

Sure comment the picture but try to grow up at the same time.

When znalecc said badly isolated, he meant if you look around the guy with the AK on his back there is a ring of no blur. And the guy throwing him over is kinda dancing. This needs fingerposing, better faceposing. Keep working inebriaticxp. You’ll get it eventually.

ahah oh wow.

Sory, but this is terrible, just use sdof