Corporate Zombie Shorts: Mascot

No? Click here!

Also, training!

Hehe… Wait… Heh? Wha?

I think I understood what happened… :confused:

Then again, I’m so tired…

Some little visual things made me laugh though.

I have no idea what the fuck is going on.

Have an artistic.



I’ve given them chores at the beginning…bigboom, hairy, and seth were supposed to come up with a mascot.

Oh shit, If I gotta explain it I fucked up…

Well posing wasn’t half bad though. Work on the dialog.

Bigboom has a very… special talent.

Great comic.

Haha awesome stuff!

What getting smacked into walls by Seth? If I dun get brain damage :smiley:

Anyway, was good man, posing was great. Had to re-read it to realize that we where suppose to make a mascot :smiley:

Bigboom is Bigfail.

Personal skins are never funny

You have made personal skin pics too… Deathbucket.

Now that’s something.


Haha another deathbucket?

i muts tran 2 bcum gud at stufs n sht

Great comic.

Kindly step outside will, sir?

He IS deathbucket.

Of what significance is this “deathbucket”?