Corpral Lewis demanding answers from Dr. Gary Glover about the specimans

I bought that pack. Almost useless, nice pic though

Then lewis sed “i have to look at the specimans!”

“no lewis you are the specimans!”

and then lewis was a speciman…

This is actually pretty cool :smiley:

Nice one Fear

Why didn’t you just wait for the Heavy Metal update were it gives it to you with an AK-47 and Katana?



awkward posing on lewis?

Don’t you get those for free also theres a nade launcher and alot more just not remembering now.


Very nice :smiley:

<=-\ Really?

Telling from that clipboard it looks like the specimen has/had something wrong with it’s knee bone.

Nice pose, however.

One of the reasons I used that model the rest had the FAILED and other such on it, but this came in handy.

Yeah it’s one of the ones from portal, right?


Too much green


I like it. Good posing.

Posing is a little awkward on one part, but I really like it, and the idea is fantastic, well, at least to me it is.

I dont get it!
Help please!
Why is the guy in this suit such a wimp?
Why is there a zombie lying on the desk?

And suddenly they hack computer but it is 3 and all of a sudden one is a horse


Interesting picture. The angle is a bit boring tho.