Corpse deletion

Hello, I’ve been having this irritating problem for a while now. I occasionally go into Singleplayer and set up some NPC war or Zombie Survival or something like that with NPC spawners and whatnot. Now, When I do this , I KNOW I eventually will be facing huge amounts of lag, becauase the " Corpse stay " option fails, for the corpses only dissapear after a long amount of time if you don’t have " Corpse stay " ticked.

What I’m looking for is a way to have a significantly smaller body count so i don’t get so much lag. I always end up with fields of corpses. For example, i’m playing a city map and i am walking down a road and it’s all lag free, then i turn the corner where the war just was and I get hit by this huge wave of laggage…

I’m hoping to either find a Console command that clears all the corpses, or a console command that decreases the time it takes to automaticaly delete the corpses. or something along those lines.

can anyone help me? :s

Try the ai_keepcorpses and set it to 1 or 0
Return back with the result :slight_smile:

Well, When I type ai_keepcorpses the console doesn’t recognize that function. Do you mean ai_keepragdolls ? I used that with no avail diffirent to just using the Q menu one… They still take a while to dissapear

Don’t think this is possible, request a lua script for it.

Corpse decay may be set via. graphics options as well, try setting your graphics options to low, see if that helps.