Corpse Deterioration

So I think it would be cool if corpses would rot away as this gives players a clear indication of how long a player has been dead for.

I have a few ideas that you may like:

Stage 1 - The corpse becomes stiff and has a greyish coloration.
Stage 2 - Crows land near the head and begin to pick away at the eyeballs with their beaks.
Stage 3 - Eyeballs have are missing from the corpse, the hole where the eyes once were are now filled with maggots.
Stage 4 - The body now becomes flat and clothes that the corpse was wearing are now fading of colour and are clearly dirty from being exposed to the elements.
Stage 5 - The whole body begins to rot away and human fluids seep into their clothes this will attract creatures like wolves and vultures - especially in the desert biomes.
Stage 6 - A skeleton remains with the occasional snake slithering through it’s bones.
Stage 7 - A few scattered bones around the vicinity of were the intact skeletal remains where.

I understand this could cause some stability issues, but I guess that comes with everything introduced to the game.