Corpses, gore, gibs and other nasty stuff

I would have thought there’d be plenty of this stuff around, but after searching extensively for gore models and corpses and zombies and such, I can’t find much to my liking. I need a corpse, probably much like a zombie torso or something similarly freaky, but with a high quality face. It would be really nice if it had the same sort of head bent back with a face permanently frozen in a scream. Anything with entrails is nice too. I would be using a fast zombie torso, but it’s limited use of polygons leaves its head looking like a hexagon, and that doesn’t do well for an up close shot.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I know there’s some nice models from Fallout if its possible to have them ported, or perhaps any other games I haven’t seen. Source mods maybe?

Fallout, possibly, Dependence on what your looking for from fallout.

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I never looked into any gore, or gibs before from fallout, that would fit to what you’re looking for.

snip, misread

Gore as in like this?

That’ll be perfect alongside it. I also noticed it has entrails, yay!

I also found this:
Has such a nice texture it makes me forget that the face has 6 sides to it.