Corra's Ported Model Thread V2

Well since my other thread is probably 100 pages back by now i’m just gonna make a new one and start over

i’m gonna be doing mostly FP Weapons, NPC weapons and world model weapons for guns, atm i am working on halo 3,homefront, but i’m getting really involved in modding crysis 2 so i’m gonna try and put some of the models in GMOD since a friend of mine requested it and i’m possibly gonna do some fallout weapons

here for now is a small sample of what i’m doing,

i need to fix up some smoothing errors and fix the werid problem that happens when he pulls the bolt when done reloading, but other thin that here is a screenshot, animation goes to imbroke

Nice one. Are you in a mod for Crysis 2 or you are simply modifying stuff?

Nice to see you again Corra! :smile:

Could’ve said that 4 days ago.

Congrats Corra on your new thread.

lol thanks should have a big update this week,i’m gonna be releasing some npc halo 3 weapons and first person weapons and i’ve been working on a hud but that may take a little longer to release i’ll try and get some pics later today

??/ :3

He said he was going to be releasing meaning not yet, so just chill and wait for it.

Also Welcome to facepunch, if you wan’t to get off to a good start don’t use these :slight_smile: smilies, also don’t annoy people for releases etc.

To late look at his posts.

it says 1 hour ago…, and I’ve seen some of his/hers posts and most of them are asking for releases

You misinterpreted what I meant not the time but the overall quality of the posts.

So not to derail this thread all ready any progress corra?

i had a little problem and was trying to fix it but i’m just about finished and thin i’ll show you guys


i have been super busy and haven’t had the time to work on really anything but i did finish this and will do the shotgun and smg and rocket launcher later

the ar’s look good, the npc’s look like trash.

So any progress on the sweps?

ah, yea i’ve been really busy with real life atm, but before that happened i was able to fine a whole bunch of great HD halo 3 sounds so i replaced the Halo 1 sounds and got the crosshair fixed but other thin that i haven’t had much time to work on them.

but i will have time this week to work on it or next i’m not sure with battlefield 3 coming out