Correcting Ninja Ripper Import Placement

I’ve recently been messing around with Ninja Ripper on the EmergeNYC demo and have had no issues ripping meshes and textures.

However when I use the included importer for 3DS Max the positioning and sizing of everything is fairly random, whether I import group of meshes or one at a time. (as seen below)

Is there anyway to maintain orientation/scale for each mesh so that I can properly put the trucks back together?

Nope, NinjaRipper doesn’t save relative positions. You have to rescale and reposition everything yourself manually.

Damn that sucks to hear, I would put them back together but they’re around 500+ meshes.


I actually managed to make a lot more progress using both Unity Studio and NinjaRipper. With Unity Studio I can grab the models and UV mapping but the textures all export as broken .dds files so I used NinjaRipper to get all the textures I needed.

It still requires applying each texture to each part of the model but at least the UV mapping is all intact.