Corridor fight

I loooove theHECU A LOT, so I had an idea: Mess wit htheir “trooper classes” nd base them sort of off of Cerberus’ classes.

So The gasmask grunts are Assault Troopers, the Goggled guy is a Guardian, and the Squad leader (beret guy) is a Centurion.

I might do one with the Engineer and what would pass as a “Phantom” unit later.

Any thoughts?

Posing is nice, but you overused Super DoF i guess.

Looks great… the only problem I have with it is the weapons have no magazines.

They’re bullpups. The magazine is behind the grip.

And apart from the overdone blur, it looks good. I thought the guy with the shield had a HL2 medkit stuck to his face at first glance.

The rifles are in bullpup design, that’s why it’s hard to notice if there are any magazines.

Ah, sorry then. The the arms were in the way. Looks good!

Thank you all, you’re very kind. :smile: