Corrupted creepy-ass models

So i was listening to the creepy lavendar town music and reading about glitches in pokemon games,and a thought came to me.I thought i would make a series about a man who wakes up in rp_silenthill,and all he remembers is collapsing in a wasteland.I thought hed be trying to escape the city,but he keeps on getting stopped by some strange force in the town.So to my point,I was wondering if anyone could make some skins for props and ragdolls,making them look like their corrupted models,possibly using multiple textures on them,and to make them look like some scary shit.




You’d have to elaborate significantly on what a “corrupted” skin looks like.
I’m sure every one of us has quite a different idea.

well lets see…normally when i think of corrupted in a game,i think of coding,so heres an example:

Alyx Skin:
-Patches of face is made up of blood,coding(as in numbers and symbols)
-Body is made up of different material(the thumper material actually looks really cool on some models)
-You know,just plain scary

Like this?

Man, that is what crack did to you back in 'Nam.

yeah stuff liek that

That was an experiment with milkshape gone horribly wrong and I don’t have the .qc or .smd files anymore. Sorry