Corrupted Nazi Sniper Spreads Within

Iunno whats with the title, lol.

3 versions to compare here!



3:(Original without all that stuff)

Comments, criticism always accepted.

First is best.
I gives you artistic.

Thanks Combine. :slight_smile:

the rimlights needs to be brighter


actually you shouldn’t use rimlights at all because they look like shit but yea.

Thats lies.
Rim lightning can look pretty good but in most of the cases it looks dumb.

Actually I think it looks better with them on in most pictures. Since source can’t do dynamic lighting is why I add them on to show SOME direction of a light source.

Second version is the best.

Would be better without the rim-lighting.

Corrupted? :raise:
rim lighting is not bad but the reflection on his gas mask bugs me

Lol what that’s my model.

Rimlighting is horrible unless really low and actually ON models but then again most people can’t tell basetexture from phong so.

It is? agh, whats with the colour of it? Hard as heck trying to make it look black.

Also the goggle(normal ones) that I did over, are freaking disgusting =/

Look at the goggles

Night/light situation, light source coming from back, gives a slight presence of rim lighting. So, yeah I think it’s correct.

i see the reflection of a tree…i don’t get it

Are you that dull in the head…?

Sorry but really…

How the hell was he supposed to guess that’s what it is? I thought it was a reflection of a tree.

You guys really have no imagination…

Corrupted - Something is wrong

Spread within - Spreading, obviously somewhere. OBVIOUS clue in the goggles.

Yes but it doesn’t look like anything. Seriously. It looks like a reflection of a tree. How are we supposed to guess “oh yeah he’s corrupted that means he has random lines on his face.” No. It looks like a tree.

No, you’re obviously oblivious to anything creative.

How can you not guess that there is an infection inside of him growing? How does that even look like a tree? I guess since some of which people don’t go outside much they don’t see that many tree’s.

the arm looks a bit weird but everything else was ok

You’re just obviously butt-hurt because some random people on the internet don’t understand your pretentious picture that you think is the most artistic idea since the Mona Lisa. Your title doesn’t even make sense so don’t say that we should be able to work out what the fuck those random lines are from that. You can’t see his eyes at all so the black shit looks like a reflection, a reflection of this:

I was going to quote the last bit of your post here about not seeing “that many tree’s” to take the piss, but your sentence is so poorly formed that it would be pointless to do so.

No, I’m not.

People are just being ignorant. The things are right in front of them, yet they’re arrogant to not even take a second look. I don’t think this is the mona lisa, nor even close to anything Uberslug may come up with.

I’m just pointing out flaws that the childish audience here can’t see themselves.

Now, you get out of my thread. I’m asking nicely.