Corrupted sounds after fixed most missing textures and errors


I played Gmod and TTT without any problems just today and recently, but then came the new update to gmod.

I managed to fix all missing textures and errors by verifying/conversing HL2, HL2:DM and CS:S notably, but now most firing sounds are bugging and it sounds horrible.

What can I do? Wtf is going on ?

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I don’t know what to do here… I have conversed HL2:DM and CS:S and Gmod, but when I play, all Gun sounds (shotgun, deagle, sniper, etc) sound horrible

but textures etc seem to be there for the most part…

can someone help ?

Has to do with CS:GO, it’s been reported.

Yes I happen to own CS:GO too…

Now also my Garry’s Mod crashes right after joining a TTT server. One bug on top of the others…

Is there nothing I can do to fix all of this ?

Go to your GMod root folder and send me one of the .mdmp files in there.

yep, keeps crashing. Also the guns still sounded like demons before it crashed.

Garry’s Mod completely broke now, but there are players playing it right now and some of them don’t have problems.

So now tell me what do I need to do so I can play like they do ?

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Gmod root folder okay… hold on… I’m not sure

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did you get my PM ?

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also frustration maximus

Holy shit man, it hasn’t even been an hour and you’ve sended 3 PMs. I’ll help you when I get home, but right now I’m out. Also, sorry if it’s 4 am where you live but I’ll help you tomorrow, possibly even at a more convinent time for you than 4 am…

Dude, unmount CS:go from gmod, and restart. That fixed it for me.

And how do I do that?

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no wait I got it… but CS:go was never mounted into Gmod from what I checked

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didn’t work as one would have assumed

Well, it fixed all my sounds except the scout and the mac 10. It does seem as though my garrysmod folder is still in steamapps/username. I’m moving it to the common folder, where it should be, and I’ll tell you how it goes.