Corvo and the assassin

I’m not really good at posing, but I felt like I did ok with this one

critique or whatever the hell you guys like to do

With dof

It’s too fucking dark,needs at least a light or two. Turn AA to the max,give more atmosphere to the scene like adding some random props and fog. Also,try to focus as much as possible on the scene and not the walls to the left side.

btw,where did you get that Corvo model :3

Too empty and the room is bad

The Corvo model is an unreleased model a certain facepunch user let me use for poses and stuff.

Lemme guess

Ninja nub

he’ll be released soon enough
(when i think he’s good enough)

Yeah, I just didn’t feel like getting him spammed with PMs from people who see the thread and want the model. Just in case lol

It’s pretty fabulous though