What is Cosmos?

Cosmos is the next generation in space exploration gamemodes for Garry’s Mod. It is based off of the Deep Space Exploration gamemode created by Benny. Everything within the Cosmos universe has been used from the Deep Space Exploration gamemode or created by the newly formed Cosmos team.

What can I do in Cosmos?

Within the Cosmos universe, you can venture into space as one of many occupations. Prospecting, Pirating, and Crafting are some of the occupations that will be available.

What’s different in Cosmos compared to Sunrise?

One of the key differences between Sunrise and Cosmos is the type of player interaction that occurs. No long will fights become unfair because one person has a more expensive ship than yours. Every single ship will have its own unique abilities and weaknesses.

Changes from Sunrise

Player driven market
Unique ships
Dynamic and enriched combat
Sexy interface
Complete control over every aspect of your character
Multiple sectors (low and high security)
And much more

When can we expect to see Cosmos?

Within the month!

Who is working on Cosmos?
[/li]How can I help?

At the moment we are looking for good ship models. If you know how to make quality ships please send me (Cosmos) a private message and I will get back to you.

Media (More is coming later today)[/media]

Titan Screenshots!




Promotional Items

The Website


Freelancer - For the ship models
Erik - For porting the Freelancer models

Laundry list:

[ul][li]Add buy/sell buttons to Market tab.
[/li][li]Script NPC’s to buy/sell on the market.[/ul]
[ul][li]Add ability to fit weapons to ship (at the moment it’s a console command because the vgui hasn’t been added).[/ul]
[ul][li]Script more weapons![/ul]
[ul][li]Put final touches on public release map.
[/li][li]Create a donation perk system.[/ul]
There is more but this should give you an idea where we are.


looks good.
how long have you been working on it?

Looks epic, hope it goes well and doesn’t die.

Private or Public?

It will be private.

It will be private, but they have planned like 30 system servers in there first few months each running a diffrent mod and what not, I have seen the early beta it is really sexy.

Maybe not 30 but we will have quite a few different sectors of either high, medium,or low security status much like EvE Online.

Just thought I would post to correct Smoot, The gamemode is a direct merge of Sunrise and Deep Space (Bennys Gamemode), Were merging and making it better with one combined effort and team, Smoot please fix that when you check the thread.

In that case i require credit to the original authors of sunrise if any of the code is used.

No,you don’t.
We basically scrapped sunrise, and are building ontop of mine, where we add the best parts of Sunrise : OE onto mine.

Sunrise OE is New Era with some small changes.

Nope, Sadly were not using any code from New Era, stuff we implamented.


You will Receive No Credit, as were using no New Era stuff.

This is correct, we are building off of the gameplay style of Sunrise, not Sunrise itself. It is created from scratch.

As long as it doesn’t involve code from New Era I’m happy (Sunrise OE is New Era with some new weapons and ship).

Edit: Good luck with the gamemode btw.

Does this mean sunrise OE is ended?


No,it does not.
I believe someone is still working on Sunrise OE, but we’re also looking forward to convert stuff you had over.
Which means, if you had for example 5 beginner ships, you’ll also get 5 of them in Cosmos.

awaits the ridiculous drama

Looks good, although I wouldn’t call that interface “sexy”. Got a website?

If you need a Dev Skinner for this my offer stands.

I can also somewhat lua script.

Just PM me if your interested.

Posting to confirm this looks awesome, although all the drama over giving credit is a bit absurd.