Cosmos is a Spacebuildy gamemode.

After joining a spacebuild a few weeks ago, there were errors everywhere, required wire, 300+ pings, and a screaming 12 year old blocking the spawn to boot. I realized that SB will never be as awesome as it was back in the day, for those that were around then. I came up with a list of problems, and arrived at the goals below:
[li]Less lag[/li][li]Less complexity[/li][li]Simple gameplay[/li][li]More interesting - maybe slightly deeper than build[/li][li]Focus on exploration[/li][li]Keep a clean ‘derived from sandbox’ feeling - don’t clutter it up[/li][/ul]
I figured I may as well make a nicer gamemode while I wait for the new spacebuildy gamemode (I forget the name) to come out.

Features so far:
[li]Few life support entities, more functional entities.[/li][li]Very low lag.[/li][li]Included simple tools, such as Mass, Gravity Plating and Parent.[/li][li]Works on all (most?) Spacebuild maps[/li][/ul]
How to Play:
Three types of entities for three types of resource - Generators, Containers, and Dispensers, and Oxygen, Coolant and Energy. Spawn them from the Cosmos tab on the Q menu. To operate generators or dispensers, press the use key on them. They need to fulfill the ‘conditions’ if any in the spawn menu tooltip, or on the HUD. Dispensers are needed to survive. Link these three entities to each other using the STool. Generators need to link to Containers to store resources, and Dispensers to Containers to dispense.

Special entities are (at this writing) suit dispensers and resource terminals. Link a suit dispenser to a container containing more than 1000 of each resource, and press Use on it to get a 5-minute-charged space suit. Link a terminal, to a container as well as to another terminal. That second should be connected to a container as well, such that you have an arrangement as C-t-t-C. Press Use on one of the terminals to transfer resources from all connected terminals to the linked container. You can have multiple terminals, i.e.


  • as many linked as you want to suck in all the resources from other containers.

[li]HUD is sort of ugly[/li][li]Spawn menu section - ugly[/li][li]Really, really easy[/li][li]Gets real boring real fast[/li][/ul]
Media (old to new):[/media]


How can you help?
[li]Give me suggestions![/li][li]Find bugs in the SVN.[/li][li]Criticism is ALWAYS welcome.[/li][/ul]

If you couldn’t tell, it’s very WIP.

I would recommend using a method other than the check the distance from every planet method to find where the props are. It gets quite laggy.

I had never seen that thread prior to now.

And if you have any suggestions as to how to detect proximity to planet, without using distance, I’d love to hear it.

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Also, if anyone stole anything, you tried to steal MY idea -
I tried this once and got bored with the end result.

Its not about not using distance, its about using it as few times as possible. Also, your LS system looks pretty epic, nice use of NWvars. Its should be quite a bit faster than LS3

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I started working on mine in December. Also, you are using distance once a second per link per ent in your LS, and thats not very efficient, I would recommend doing it far less often.

Well yeah, but if I were to delay it too long, people wouldn’t start suffocating in space for a few seconds and on other times start instantly. I’ll look into it though, thanks for the suggestions!

There’s no “info.txt.”

I made one:

Added, thanks.

Sorry, I mean the generators checking to see if it needs to unlink an ent because its too far away. It does it too often.

Linking oxygen compressors to a container on a planet with oxygen and turning them on produces no oxygen.

You need to address the nil value here on line 103 of sh_lifesupport.lua:

Works fine for me, what map are you using?

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Did you update the SVN?

My SVN is up to date. I’m playing on gm_new_worlds.

I’ll take a look soon. What planet is it on?

The starting planet. It does the same thing on sb_new_worlds_2 as well.

I also tried it on sb_gooniverse, which you’ve tested it on, and had the same problem. I noticed that it also did it on planets with no oxygen.


I just did this. Can you list your addons?

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Whoops, I had developed it on another PC and forgot to update here! Sorry, will be fixed in a moment.

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Great! The update fixed it!

Now, can you make some of the larger models such as the Large Storage Tank, Energy Cell, and Coolant Tank spawn higher? They tend to spawn underground. I would also suggest changing the model for the Fusion Generator, as it is missing one side.


Also changed model for scrubbers/suit dispenser.

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I’m thinking of adding a need for food. Thoughts?

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I just feel that if I do something like that it becomes more like space stranded than space build

I don’t really have an opinion there.

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Okay, here’s a suggestion. Make it possible to build self-sufficient bases on planets with no oxygen. Possibly by making Oxygen Scrubbers only use Energy?

You already can - solar panels, oxy scrubs, cool scrubs generate the three resources on any planet

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Also, updated zero-g for more ents - you can have a ship with a seat (no cosmic ents yet) and launch it off a ramp and be able to maneuver with just thrusters

But Oxygen Scrubbers take Oxygen, and you can’t generate the Oxygen for the scrubbers on a planet with no Oxygen…

For scrubbers to work, there needs to be oxygen in the air, they just filter out CO2. (in RL)