cost of rust

Garry it’s time.

Up the cost of the game. Why you ask?

Duh more money and cheaters are less likely to cheat using “pay to hacks” if the game has a $60 price tag attached to it.

It would get way to costly to keep buying the game just to cheat.


And why is that?
Make your case.

People just refund the game after cheating for a couple hours. Your solution does not solve that. On the cost side, higher prices do not always equate to higher profits. This is basic economics.

In short, both of your reasons are rather poor.

You are aware that back when World Of Warcraft was like $50 plus the monthly subscription that it had thousands of people cheating, botting and exploiting? And these were people doing it just because, not gold/account sellers.

Increasing the price for Rust will have nominal impact on cheaters as it will only weed out children and people who probably should be using what they paid for Rust on more important things.

Its in alpha still…