Cost Of War Of War.jpg

Fullsize 3000x1688 Of War.jpg

Little do you know he’s about to take off the helmet and start gnawing on the skull

No cost is expensive enough to deter the Imperium of Man.

anyone here have a 3000 wide monitor?


because honestly its not some big super detailed mass scene with tons of stuff to look at. whats the graphics/visuals equivalent for the term “audiophile”? because that’s the impression i get from unnecessarily huge shots

the lighting on the upper part of the foreground Marine still looks awfully flat and unfitting, you should’ve left out the desaturated light altogether i think, or placed it more to the right

“Alas poor Yorick, I knew him” etc etc.

To be, or not to be.
Exterminatused that is.

you can already see the downscaled pic and all its details as is
the fullsize is simply linked below and even has a caption stating its resolution

no ones forcing you to look at the full res lmao, its simply there out of generosity for whoevers interested enough in making it their desktop or whatever to be downscaled or cropped

right now im extra thankful that FP automatically resizes megahuge pics

also you just supported complaints about Bundesheers pic for the same reasons i used to argue against this scenes size so isnt that a bit hypocritical or did i miss something

no the main difference is that kingofgrim linked his megahuge pic
while that other idiot simply thumb tagged his 4k res shit which causes a ton of people on mobile data to suffer

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theres being an idiot and then theres being generous

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its literally that simple

raises hand