You should put in couches. Maybe it would spice things up for peoples homes. Just a suggestion

I concur. They would indeed spice shit up

As a long term goal, furniture would be nice. For the meantime, there are much more significant things to consider like weapons, vehicles, loot and resource distribution etc that should be a priority.

No couches are the most important for a successful game to prosper

But couches man. They are a necessity. Were would we sit?

How about… No.

We need couches

and matching area rugs

See this man knows what he is talking about

OK i might be high but you are even more high if you want couches in a game where there is mass murdering, pillaging/looting, raiding, public nudity,thieves, GUNS, bombs,lying and deceiving/betrayal, covert ops, organized crime, blood bandits, hunting rabbits with a bow, throwing flares at new players at night, ZOMBIES. then good sir you have too much time on your hands to be sitting down while you are sitting down.

And tamable horses :smiley:

Now… these statements might be true

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this guy knows whats up

So any update on the couches?

Furniture and rugs would be very much appreciated to fill up your house, even if its useless its good for the RP

Furniture and other home decorations is an idea that has been tossed around. I can’t remember if anything was said for sure, but they’re focusing more on gameplay at the moment.

PS: It would be nice if people read through the AMA before repeating suggestions. A lot of interesting questions were answered there that people seem to be repeating here.
Garry Newman - Rust AMA

And TV’s. What’s the point of having a couch if there is no TV?