Coudn't run Rust on Steam, but from directory of game - no problem.

I am sorry for my bad english, i’ll try my best
Well hello, i have a problem:
I’m try to run Rust from Steam - Rust.exe stopped working after 0.0001 sec, but when i launching from common/rust/RustClient - it’s working, have about 1500 servers.
Who knows what’s the problem?
x64 windows 7, i guess EAC works normally.
Nope, EAC error when i go to server. Well.

Im having the same problem. I just see the preaparing to launch window from steam and it closes after a few seconds. I tried alot of things, but its kind of hard to find a solution without an error message.

Even after reinstalling the game/EAC multiple times, still the same for me. While a friend was asked to install EAC by steam, i had to manually install it.

So it seems that launching rust from steam can’t start the EAC service. Starting it manually doesn’t work, it just stops by itself immediately.

Seems like the lasting thing on the list is to reinstall windows.

There has to be a better option than that though…

What could be a reason that EAC isnt starting with the steam game launch. I dont even use an AntiVirus Programm or Firewall of some sort.

This problem exists for a few months now. No fix in sight.

Cant really say, havent played it in a long time, then in february i wanted to play again because my mate told me alot had changed. Ive tried to fix this error since then after every update, no solution in sight.