Could anyone make...

Could anyone make the models for the game Red Faction: Armageddon, Demon’s Souls, or Shadows of the Damned, If these are possible, I would prefer Demon’s Souls.

If any of you don’t know these games, here are their Wiki’s:

This one may be easier, since you can get it on steam, I don’t know if that has anything to do with how easy it is. I don’t know how to make the ragdolls. Weapons really I don’t care about, actually just the people, and insects is all I ask for.

This may be harder, This game has a TON of shit in it, armor, weapons, I really just want the basic models with some of the armor sets, and some of the weapons, mostly the enemies. If you are willing to make these, and you can, I WILL BE AMAZED, and maybe a little more. (wink wink jk)

This game is fairly new, so many of you may not know about it (see link above) But this game has a bunch of models I would enjoy seeing in gmod. Once again, I could care less about the weapons, just the actual people and enemies.

maybe you should tone down your request from semi-huge to maybe- medium, like one game instead of 3.

i do support the RFA and the Demons souls tho.

Well, I do mean only one of them, not trying to be rude but did you not notice the “or” in the first sentence. Maybe I just didn’t explain it well enough.

my bad, at least your being polite about your request unlike others who post their first requests.