Could FacePunch make Rust maps bigger?

Okay so just hear me out. I tried to start playing Rust again 2 weeks after the wipe and my server (Texas 2 100 people max) was WAAAAAAAAAAAY too over crowded. I’m talking huge bases every hundred feet which made me lag a lot and made me not even want to play until the next wipe. These clans raided pretty much everyone on the map as well, you’ll see that way more than half of the bases you pass have huge holes in the side of them. It is SO hard to play in these conditions because it’s too crowded and clans will raid you in a heartbeat. So a bigger map would be really awesome AND it’ll help with solo players or even people who just play with a couple friends because you can hide your base in your own little corner of the map and it’ll be harder for clans to find you and raid you. Plus players will feel more secure in a huge map while walking around you know? Idk something 3 or 4 times the size of Texas 2 would be AWESOME and i know there might be complications but you guys are smart! You’ll figure it out :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry for how i worded this whole thing it’s really shitty i know i’m just really tired lol. Let me know what you all think.

Above 4km x 4km servers have major issues, currently. Official servers are for testing and there’s no point testing something known to be broken that isn’t next on the list to be fixed.

Yeah I would have to agree which is why I asked for them to look into limiting server slots. Where server can only hold say 64 players, thus allowing less lag and clans taking over the whoile map. The problem here is not with the map size, its with the fact that 100 - 500 slot servers are still way to much and create more lag than they are worth. Given the limitations with unity engine only allowing 2 cpu cores most server will lag up or start lagging with 50 - 75 players all building and raiding at the same time.

not convinced it’s the player count that is causing issues on larger servers; there was some dynamic terrain issues at larger scales.

most server owners can alter the map size up to i think the max seed size is 8000 but anything above 4000 tends to be buggy.

After next wipe the standard will be 3000x3000…

Coming from legacy, what i wish. is a smaller god damn map, and no generated maps.

The legacy map is bigger but almost empty.

Yeah well once they CAN make bigger maps without it being buggy they definitely should and i never said that player count makes the world laggy lol what i meant was all of the bases scattered around will give most people constant 15-30 fps late game

Maps will be 50% smaller after today lol