Could I get some advice, suggestions, ect.

Well I’m making a pretty simple map, I’m not a mapper but I need it for my gamemode. I started on the building, it looks like crap to say the least. When it comes to mapping I can make everything but I can’t texture stuff for the life of me. I was wondering if I could maybe get some advice on texturing and some suggestions for what I have so far. Whether it be different textures, something to add, something to remove, ect I would appreciate it.

I also want to make a small half player sized fence around the building, are there any materials out there that I could use or does anyone have any suggestion on how I could do it? My idea is just a flat block with a fence that has transparent parts, but that only makes it look 2D.

Well, you’ll wanna get a light_environment in there, just for the sake of my eyes. Then for the building you’ll wanna split the interior into several rooms, unless it needs to be open for your gamemode, in which case try some decals on the floor and a less repeating concrete texture with a higher scale. Some displacement cliffs for the border would be pretty nice, maybe some trees or something to keep it interesting. As for the building’s detail, a window or two could work, and you should work on making that door frame more realistic, right now it’s a massive hunk of wood. For a building in this situation it might be more believable, more visually appealing and more easy to map a bunker style building instead of what looks like a house.


You also have unaligned textures, alt+right-click should sort that up for you.


Some details of what the gamemode requires from the map would help us give adive because we know what is needed and whatnot.

Thank you, that helps a bunch. And it’s a little hard to explain the gamemode as it’s not set in stone yet and I’m bouncing around a couple ideas. Although it mainly what I want the map to be based around is a sunny big area, trees, rocks, houses made out of stone wood ect but not too cave man looking.


Or something like a pioneered land, new found area being built upon with the resources at hand along with some outside ones of course for some detail.

If you want some help mapping I can be of assistance. If not then I suggest. Light_enviroment because that will make the map look so much better, then obviously add lights to the inside of the building. Less blocky, and your textures look streched.

I would appreciate help.