Could i make an addon that could fix gmod from crashing

Is there a way to fix most of the crashing in gmod

It depends on what is causing the crashes, be it prop spamming make an anti propspam etc…

Don’t think that you could create a downloadmoreram in lua

If it were that simple Garry would have included it in the game.

Well noting his history on releasing updates to fix bugs, and causing more bugs, I doubt that.

You could compile an addon of hacky fixes for already hacky shit. But I don’t think that’s quite what you have in mind.


Or you could not use 25498 addons that are not compatible with each other.

Honestly, writing up “hacks” to fix issues is kind of what I’ve been doing lately for the hotfixes section of my dev base… for certain things, anyway… As long as they’re organized so they can be easily removed / disabled when an official fix comes in, there shouldn’t be an issue. Actually, some of them could be bound to version numbers…

But, as AIX says, it depends on your problem. What is causing the crashes? Are they clientside crashes, or server crashes? Are you hosting a server from your garry’s mod client, and that crashes ( both the listen-server and your client ) or what?

Have you isolated out any addons? What addons are you running? Enable -condebug in your launch options and see if there is any output before the crash occurs. IF you’re running a listen server, don’t.

Here’s how to set up a local SRCDS:

Or you could ignore acecool’s setup guide and go look at server setup on the gmod wiki.


hook.Add(“Initialize”, “Acecool”, function()
This will fix your crashes.